FaceBook Account Cracker And APR ® [Advanace Password Recovery] Tool

FaceBook Account Cracker And APR [Advanace Password Recovery] System


Hack Facebook Account/Password@ July 2012

New version has been released: our famous Facebook Hacking Software APR v.7.4.11!! You can use this hacking software to hack Facebook password. We call it Advanced Password Retriever (APR)


  • Enter victim's email id whose account you want to get hacked.
  • Click on Hack Now .
  • Wait for sometime to let the software crack the password for you.
  • Done !!

This software is legit for the educational purposes only and if you want to recover your hacked Facebook password or email account password, you can try this tool !
Use the Hack Facebook Password program responsibly. You are responsible for your own actions. Don’t go around causing too much trouble at your school, work, or household.


  1. Maysaf23:16

    Thx a lot dude!! I could login to my gf's account LooooooooooL xD and she does not know this It's fantastic :))

  2. Cool Man Thanks so much :)


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